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Degson Electronics Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1990 in China and since then has founded the Research-and-Development Center, high-precision casting, stamping, molding and injection-molding production. Quality of all production stages from the raw material to the own VDE-certified testing laboratory is thoroughly controlled.

Today Degson employs highly-qualified specialists with more than 10-years’ experience in high-precision devices. Total number of employees constitutes approximately 1600 people, production area – 50 000 m2, and annual turnover (for 2012) reaches 40 000 000$.

Due to high production capacity Degson provides a wide range of reliable products with ergonomic design and excellent functionality.

Degson customers include such world-leading brands as Panasonic, HONEYWELL, Siemens, OSRAM, Opple, SAMSUNG, NVC, TCL, Sangchuan, Haier, Tideway, Maxim, GST, Beghelli, etc. Today DEGSON brand is used in over 90 countries and regions of the world.

Over 600 certificates of GOST, VDE, UL, CQC, CB, CE, RoHS and other international certifying organizations as well as compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards confirm high quality of Degson products.

DEGSON terminal blocks have reliable spring and screw terminals, maximum attachment rigidity, high level of fire resistance (UL96V-0), electrical safety, and impact- and vibration resistance.

DEGSON high-tech compact and user-friendly terminal blocks provide quick installation and reliable contact, excluding heating or short-circuit at the connection point even for repeated connection.

In terms of functions, DEGSON terminal blocks are absolute analogues of famous brands, such as WAGO, Phoenix Contact, Deca, WEIDMULLER, Klemsan and others.

Moreover the company has reduced prices due to production automation and enhanced management system, thus becoming more competitive.

Application of Degson products:

1. Electronics

2. Oil and gas

3. Process automation

4. Marine and navigation

5. Supervisory systems

6. Communication systems

7. Control systems

8. Driven equipment

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