In the sphere of delivery of complex hi-tech components, companies with own technical and consultation centers have a considerable competitive advantage. Other advantages include possibilities of internships and training with foreign partners and certification of central offices as compliant with ISO 9001 standard.

Today we need to have even closer integration of the company’s system resources. To this end, ITC-Electronics uses new programs and technologies allowing to join data.

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FAQ — Frequently asked questions
1) What is the assortment of your products?
Our company offers its clients a broad range of electrotechnical products from various manufacturers and in different price categories:
•    Cable and wire products and systems for cable routing;
•    Lighting equipment of various purpose and light sources;
•    Fixed electrical equipment: sockets, switches;
•    Low-voltage equipment;
•    Wiring and wiring tools;
•    Power equipment: automatic switches, actuators and contactors, switch actuator, electricity meters, etc.;
•    Heating and ventilation systems: heat ventilators, radiators, air curtains, warm floors;
•    High-voltage equipment, switchboard panels, SSC chambers, commutation equipment, excess voltage suppressors;
•    Safety systems.
2) What is the warranty period for ITC-Electronics products?
The standard warranty period is 12 months from the day the customer gets the product and signs the consignment note (as stated in the delivery contract, expanded warranty may be provided).
3) How are warranty repairs and servicing of your equipment organized?
Warranty servicing and repairs are carried out by official service partners, manufacturers of ITC.
If your equipment should go out of order within the standard warranty period of 12 months, please contact our managers who had worked on the order with you. Representatives of the service company of the manufacturer will diagnose the problem and repair the equipment.
4) Your equipment is broken and you need to order some spare parts? Some of your equipment, such as electric engines, gear-motors, frequency converters) are broken? What do you need to order a new one?
To that end, please provide us all the necessary information: model, serial number and year of manufacturing, or a photo of information leaflet for the equipment.
5) Where can we obtain additional technical information for the products we have acquired?
For product documentation please contact our technical specialists who will provide all the information you need.
Contact Information:, phone: +7 (383) 328 1 328, fax: +7 (383) 3 281 281
6) How do we place an order for technically complex equipment?
To this end please contact our managers or technical specialists. We will provide you questionnaires to fill out or teach you to use the configurator and take into account all the important options and functions for your order.

Contact information:, Phone: +7 (383) 328 1 328, Fax: +7 (383) 3281 281
7) How do I choose the equipment?
If you have the terms of reference, schemes, photos or any other materials that can help us select the equipment for you, attach them to the letter.
After that send the filled out form to You will hear from us in 24 hours.
If you do not like the offered solutions, you can always contact ITC-Electronics staff to confirm the data.
In order to provide fast and professional service in selecting the equipment for you, please fill out the following form:
•    Name of your company*
•    Contact person (full name, phone number, e-mail address)*
•    Type of equipment
•    For which field is the solution needed?
•    Equipment model (if known)
•    Information on the facility (name of the customer’s company, city of location)*
•    Description of general requirements for the system*
8) How do you call that or other specialist regarding a technical issue with one of our products?
Dial +7 (383) 328-1-328 and then add the extension of the technical specialist you need. Extension numbers are listed in Contacts.