Finder Relais was founded by Piero Giordanino in 1954 in Italy. All production facilities are located in Italy, France and Spain with the capacity up to 220 thousand high-quality industrial relays per day. The product portfolio includes:

  • PCB relays

  • Couple and power relays

  • Relay interface modules

  • Time relays and timers

  • Current, phase and voltage control relays, thermistor sensing relays

  • Level control relays

  • Light sensitive relays

  • Step relays

  • Movement IR detectors

  • Relay connectors and other.

    Competitive advantages of Finder relays:

  • Self-cleaning contacts: relay remain functional through the their lifecycle;

  • Built-in fuse diodes, test button, and voltage and bridging indicators;

  • One type relay for DIN-rail, circuit board and printed board mounting;

  • Steady operation of time relay at 24…240 V DC/AC power supply;

  • High level of ingress protection (IP50, IP67 – i.e. fully dust-and water-proof);

  • High level of electrical and mechanical wear resistance (up to 2*105 cycles);

  • Fast response (5/3 msec.);

  • Operational temperature wide range: -40 …+85 °C, that is indispensable for arctic or hot-shop application;

  • Low power demand;

  • Acknowledgement of high quality by certifying organizations: BBJ, BEAB, CSA, DEMKO, FIMKO, GERMANISCHER LLOYD, GOST, IMQ, IRAM, NEMKO, LCIE, SEV, SEMKO, UL, VDE; CE-сcertified;

  • ABS, RINA, LLOYD'S REGISTER shipping registers allow Finder Relays’ application in marine and navigation equipment;

  • ISO9001:2000 and 14001 certified.

    Application of Finder relays:

    1. Electronics

    2. Oil and gas

    3. Process automation

    4. Marine and navigation

    5. Supervisory systems

    6. Communication systems

    7. Control systems

    8. Driven equipment

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