Weidmuller is a world leader in electronic components and offers products, solutions and services for signal-, data- and power transmission, processing and conversion in various industries. Due to clear understanding of the market specifics and technological trends Weidmuller develops innovative, reliable and viable solutions in the field of industrial connections.
Weidmueller Group is an international holding, comprising production facilities, sales companies and representatives in over 80 countries globally. High quality and servicing standards make Weidmuller a reliable, competent and flexible partner to our customers.
Weidmueller Group, being an OEM, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including terminal blocks, connectors and I/O sockets for precision mechanics, as well as for industrial and process equipment.
Over 50 years ago Weidmuller made technical revolution in commutation by introducing new terminal block: fragile porcelain terminals were replaced by plastic ones. Since then terminal blocks have become the main product of the company.
Several Weidmuller solutions have become world-known brands:
• Plastic terminal block, introduced by Weidmuller over 50 years ago.
• WEMID insulation material, introduced in 1983.
• «STRIPAX®» has become a trademark of high-quality stripping instruments
• IDC contacts
• Weidmuller is a sole manufacturer of the thinnest terminal blocks in the world (less than 3,5mm).
Weidmuller precision tools are used world-wide. Weidmuller guarantees integrity of its products after long period of operation due to strict testing in its own laboratory and special laser identification.

Weidmuller products:
• Cable lugs
• extractors
• manual tools
• crimpers
• strippers
• torque screwdrivers
• screwdriver sets
• cable cutters
• scissors
• special-purpose spanners
• electronics and automation
• OMNIMATE® connection technology
• Housing systems
• classified marking
• transportation and traffic
• security and defense
• machine building and system engineering
• packing machines
• broadcasting and lighting equipment
• entertainments
• cranes and industrial robotics
• material-handling systems
• instrument building
• steel industry
• housing services and utilities

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