Vicor Corporation was founded in 1981 in Andover, USA, and today is the world leader in modular secondary power sources.

High quality and extra reliability of Vicor products are ensured by high manufacturing efficiency and thorough control and testing of all the products. All production facilities of the company are located in the United States. Modules are manufactured at advanced automated equipment and robotized lines capable of producing 1 module per 10 seconds. On-line step-by-step inspection reduces number of defects and ensures a stable quality, which makes it possible to produce different sizes of product batches. All products pass 100% functional and thermal tests.

A wide range of Vicor products includes several product groups: DC/DC convertors, AC/DC and DC/DC input modules, inlet and outlet filters, configured power supplies and accessories. Modules of various capacities are available in three sizes: "brick" - 117*56*12,7 mm, "half-brick" - 58*56*12,7 mm and "quarter-brick" - 58*36,8*12,7 mm. Modules are filled with a special heat-conducting compound, which makes them mechanically rigid and prevents local overheating, effectively removing heat from inside to the surface and base.

Vicor modules have no analogues in the world market in terms of electrical parameters, power density and dimensions, since they embody original design and constructive ideas. They help to design sources and power systems with unique properties for aircraft- and shipbuilding, railway and road transport, airfield equipment, radar and radio transmitting stations, oil and gas refineries, medical devices and other applications, where equipment requires high reliability and stability of operation.

Vicor modules allow configuring power systems with any parameters and wide power range. A power system means a wide range of power sources - from simple DC/DC converters to distributed network systems with input and output filters, power factor correction, redundancy, etc.

Benefits of Vicor power supplies:

  • Maximum power density and high efficiency

  • Compact in size

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

  • High reliability

  • Wide temperature range

  • Mechanical stability and high environmental resistance

  • Wide range of safety and service functions

Today Vicor are high-tech, sophisticated power supplies with a vast number of capabilities.

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