The Schroff brand contains a vast product portfolio from printed circuit board (PCB) accessories (card retainers and extractors), front panels and handles to subracks, cases, backplanes, power supplies, cabinets and pre-assembled chassis for embedded computing systems. The brand Schroff, which belongs to the business unit of Pentair Technical Solutions, has been a world leader in electronics’ packaging for over five decades.

Schroff offers a vast product portfolio:

IT and data center infrastructure solutions

  • Server cabinets

  • Aisle containments

  • Data Center Cooling

  • Power distribution and plugs


  • Data Center Monitoring

  • Cabinet accessories

Electronic Cabinets

  • 19” racks and electronic cabinets

  • Ruggedized cabinets (seismic / MIL)

  • EMS cabinets

  • Power distribution units / socket strips

  • Electronic cabinet parts

  • Electronic cabinet accessories

  • Outdoor rack cabinets

Systems, backplanes and power supplies

  • AdvancedTCA systems

  • CompactPCI based systems

  • MicroTCA systems

  • VME based systems (incl. VXS, VPX)

  • Compute and Storage Platform

  • Hardware platform management (Pigeon Point)

  • Computer on Module (CoM)

  • Backplanes

  • Test adaptors

  • Power supplies

Subracks, cases and front panels

  • Subracks and 19” chassis

  • Rack mount cases

  • Accessories for subracks and cases

  • Front panels, plug-in units and cassettes

  • Hardware

  • Single-board cases

PCB accessories and retainers

  • PCB accessories

  • PCB wedge locks and card locks

  • PCB retainers and guides

  • PCB inserters and extractors

  • Conduction Cooled Assemblies (CCAs)/Clamshells


  • General-Purpose Electronics

  • Infrastructure

  • Medical and laboratory

  • Security and defense

  • Data centers

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