25 December 2018

OSATEC and ITC-Electronics have signed a Partnership Agreement.

Partnership with Osatec OSATEC and ITC-Electronics have signed a Partnership Agreement for promotion of the ChGP-RT industrial controller at the Russian market for various automation systems.
The companies have been cooperating since 2006. ITC-Electronics has been providing timely deliveries of component parts for the OSATEC production cycle for 12 years. Since 2018, the priority engineering subdivision of ITC-Electronics and OSATEC have proceeded with the joint promotion of ChGP-RT controller manufactured by OSATEC.
OSATEC is one of the leaders at the Russian automation market, a developer, manufacturer and supplier of components for the embedded control systems, industrial automation and special-purpose systems.
The products of the Company include programmable controllers, processor modules (CPCI, CPCI Serial, VME), embedded computers, PMC modules and storage media for them, input/output modules, power units, crates, reinforced enclosures, blocks and boxes.