ITC-Electronics is an international company with 23 years of experience, created by a team of likeminded people. ITC-Electronics today is a branch-structured company with the head office in Novosibirsk. We employ more than 200 people in 13 offices in Russia, Germany and Kazakhstan.

We believe that our people are our most valuable resource, and therefore our staffing policy focuses of people development and offering equal opportunities for career growth. The Company holds seminars, webinars and fora regularly. Commercial Department staff participates in technical events of largest international manufacturers.

We are ready to hire talented, goal-oriented employees who are confident that they will reach success. Professional and business qualities that share our rules of achieving strategic goals, improving competitiveness and strengthening leadership positions.

Corporate culture

ITC-Electronics is a company that approaches all issues and problems in a European style. We have defined precise standards that describe our relationships with clients, partners, the state, our employees and the society at large. Our company is not just a name or legal entity; we are comprized of individual staff members who represent the interests of the company at a certain moment in time. Of special significance for our company are:

  • Internal Relationships

Result-Oriented Culture. We focus not on what we had achieved during the year but on what we had achieved as compared to Culture of Discipline plans. Company’s annual goals are set in stone. Plans for achieving the goals may change throughout the year, but not the goals themselves. In no circumstances would our goals be corrected. Our staff are people with high self-discipline. Undisciplined people find it difficult to work in our company.

Atmosphere of Trust. We have created the atmosphere of trust and dialog in the company. ITC-Electronics people are not overly concerned with what will be said or thought of them; they are more concerned with the repercussions it might have for the company. Our staff members do not hide negative facts because these facts are better than the embellished truth. Being able to face the truth makes the company stronger and more confident.

Efficiency and Professionalism. Efficiency of the manager is a task of utmost importance because all our results depend on it. An efficient manager is someone who achieves target results with fewer resources (time, people, money).  

  • Professionalism of managers in the Department of Commerce lies in stable relationships with clients.

  • Professionalism of technical professionals establishes the company’s reputation on the market.

  • Efficiency of support services creates internal efficiency of company operations.

  • Relationships with government bodies and authorities

Obligations. We always meet our own obligations and expect our partners to do the same.

Development. We are interested in sustainable development of our business and the business of our partners.

Collaboration. We aspire to maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationships and believe that our relations with business partners based on respect, trust, integrity and fairness are of utmost importance for our success.

Quality. We work to meet our clients’ needs and guarantee high quality of our products and services.  

  • Relationships with government bodies and authorities

Principles. We follow all the laws and requirements applicable to company activities.

Obligations. Paying all taxes fully and on time is a top priority for the company.

Honor and Integrity. We consider it unacceptable to influence illegally decision-making of state bodies of authority and their representatives. Our company’s reputation is our most profound value.

In line with our values we support the corporate culture that is necessary to achieve highest quality in all our business endeavors.

Our values are reflected in our successes, they are required for us and are offered to all those who cooperate with us. We do not give up on our values to obtain profits. We view them as a connecting link between all spheres of our activities, and we expect the same in relationships with our business partners.