Complex services
Supervised Installation and Commissioning Works

Supervised Installation and Commissioning Works

In addition to compiling feasibility studies and carrying out design operations, ITC-Electronics provides services of supervised installation and commissioning works for technological and electrotechnical equipment. Company staff provide the following kinds of services:

  1. Industrial process automation systems;
  2. Crushing and sorting equipment;
  3. Uninterrupted power systems;
  4. Protection relay.

Supervised installation is done only by officially registered specialists who can provide excellent expert consulting services. In every case, the number of operations is established separately, which has direct influence on the final cost of the service. In order to lower the risk of mistakes during maintenance, usually the service package includes training company staff to work with the equipment and technological control measures.

Supervised installation often comes with pre-commissioning, hook-up and testing. These operations are carried out on new equipment only by certified professionals. Pre-commissioning hook-up and testing allows to determine any possible defects in the equipment before it enters into operation. These operations are required before the facility is launched, and in many ways influences the quality of subsequent performance of the new equipment.

ITC-Electronics has key resources to provide guaranteed high-quality performance in the areas of supervised installation, pre-commissioning, hook-up and testing, since these operations are carried out by expert and certified staff who have completed a broad range of successful projects for Russian, European and CIS companies. More than 23 years of experience of the holding, and the annually growing number of orders in this area demonstrate the quality and reliability of the provided services.